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How we define our Resources

Contract Employees

Contract employees are hired to perform specific functions in a contractual relationship and for a defined period of time.

The terms contract worker and temp worker are often used interchangeably. Temp workers hired through AccessHR, for example, may be referred to as a contractor by some. Conversely, a contractor may be called a temp. Be sure that everyone understands his or her own status.

Temporary Employees

In the traditional use of the word, temporary employees are hired through staffing agencies and assignments are based on the needs of the client to access a specific skill set. Assignment lengths vary widely.

Temp-to-Perm Employees

This group is similar to the temp category; resources are seeking full-time positions within the department/companies/industries they are temping in. Resource/Candidates take the opportunity to sell themselves to the client companies.

Professional Consultants

These consultants are the up and coming trend for professionals who "want out" of stressful, corporate positions. Contracting increases flexibility in their personal and professional lives. Professional Consultants work when, how and where they want. Professional Consultants earn very competitive wages or per diems and perform high level, consultant-like tasks. These seasoned professionals are in high demand because they can hit the ground running with little ramp up time required.

Aboriginal person

An Aboriginal person is a North American Indian or a member of a First Nation, Métis or Inuit. North American Indians or members of a First Nation include status, treaty or registered Indians, as well as non-status and non-registered Indians.

Person in a visible minority group

A person in a visible minority group is someone (other than an Aboriginal person as defined above) who is non-white in colour/race, regardless of place of birth and is from one of the following groups: Black, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, South Asian-East Indian (including Indian from India; Bangladeshi; Pakistani; East Indian from Guyana, Trinidad, East Africa; etc.), Southeast Asian (including Burmese; Cambodian; Laotian; Thai; Vietnamese; etc.) non-white West Asian, North African or Arab (including Egyptian; Libyan; Lebanese; etc.), non-white Latin American (including indigenous persons from Central and South America, etc.), person of mixed origin (with one parent in one of the visible minority groups listed above), other visible minority group.


Access Corporate Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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