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Diversity in Canada

"Diversity brings change for Canadians and new challenges for government institutions whose mandate is to ensure that their policies, programs and services meet the needs of all Canadians, regardless of their cultural, ethnic, religious and racial background."

Visible Minority Community

  • "A person other than Aboriginal people who are non-Caucasian in race and non-white in colour"
  • The visible Minority Community has grown substantially in the last two decades.
  • In 2001 Canada was home to almost 4 Million people who identified themselves as a Visible Minority

Making a Difference

  • Access has been servicing the Federal Government since 1996 with Administrative and Professional Services
  • Inauguration of a new Multicultural Division focused on helping people of Ethnic backgrounds find employment within the National Capital Region
  • Qualified, Professional and prescreened resources

What is Access' Multicultural Mandate?

ACCESS Corporate Technologies acknowledges the importance of equality and diversity in the workplace, thus, establishing a Multicultural Division.

ACCESS Corporate Technologies, Inc. as an equal opportunity employer supports Employment Equity. Our primary goal is to assist skilled individuals from designated ethnic groups by providing them with opportunities with perspective employers. Designated group members include those of Visible Minorities and Aboriginal peoples.

Our intent is to address the misrepresentation of visible minorities and aboriginal peoples in the workplace. We understand that this is a much wider issue, but as a staffing firm, our goal is to facilitate the Federal Government and the private sector in increasing the level of representation of individuals by providing skilled, screened professional resources.

Our Goal

  • " Our goal is to assist organizations in achieving a specific level of representation of the designated groups in the work force. Access has a large resource pool of screened, skilled, security cleared qualified professionals specializing in Administrative and Technical services who form part of the designated status group.
  • " Employment Equity is the purpose of our division to ensure that we as Multicultural Canadians achieve equality for designated group members in the workplace.

Benefits of staffing through Access Multicultural.

Access Multicultural is able to provide resources that meet and or exceed the clients requirements as per a specific job description.

Save you time and money. (eg. If you were to post a position in the paper for a specific position, expect to receive an abundance of resumes which will then have to be reviewed and go through a selection process based on the requirements. Most resumes (approx 98%) will not meet the requirements.

Access will provide self identified candidates that are pre-screened, computer tested for knowledge and efficiency, current reference verification completed, and security cleared if necessary.

We guarantee satisfaction and professionalism in all our placements


Access Corporate Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company

Access Corporate Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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